Vol. 42, No. 2 (Autumn 2019)

Prof. Martin Jay 75th Birth Anniversary Felicitation Volume

  • “Post-structuralism was never a unified movement with a single perspective”: Conversations with Martin Jay – PETER E. GORDON
  • Timbremelancholy: Walter Benjamin and the Fate of Philately – MARTIN JAY
  • The Disappearance of 1984 – DIDIER MALEUVRE
  • Edgar Morin’s “Complex Thought”: A Blueprint for Reconstituting our Ecological Self in the Anthropocene Epoch? – KEITH MOSER
  • Listening by Echo: Voice, Eidetic Image, and the Retrospective Self – ANDREW J. BALL
  • Hope Coming On: Reflecting Nihilism – MICHAEL R. SPICHER
  • Everyday Aesthetics and the Indic Goddess Traditions: An Aurobindonian Approach – ANWAY MUKHOPADHYAY
  • Aesthetics and Intertexts of Resistance and Liberation in the African Diaspora: Hip-hop and Créolité – ISAAC JOSLIN
  • Paralleling Aesthetics: Vestiges of Nineteenth-Century England in Blake’s Illustrations of Dante’s Inferno – VICKY PANOSSIAN
  • The Iconic Meaning of Hypostasis: Notes on a Definition of Icon – GALIN PENEV
  • Cleopatra VII Philopator’s Final Moments: Depictions in Five Paintings – ANIRBAN RAY
  • Buddhist Recognition in Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man – IKEA M. JOHNSON
  • A Brief Transcultural Reading of the Greek Myth of Orpheus and His Quest in the Modern Sonnets of Feng Zhi – SALVATORE GIUFFRÉ
  • “The Method of ‘Ecstasy’” and Keats’ ‘Ode on Melancholy’ – SHOUVIK NARAYAN HORE
  • Aesthetics of Dress: Dress as Poetic Object, Paradigmatic Body Form, Basic Archetype for Living – SYLVIA BORISSOVA
  • Rasafication: The Aesthetic Manipulation of our Everyday – MAX RYYNÄNEN
  • Theory of the Lyric (Jonathan Culler) – SHOUVIK NARAYAN HORE
  • Fictional Characters, Real Problems: The Search for Ethical Content in Literature (Garry L. Hagberg) – SIMONE PULEO & JARON MURPHY
  • Wittgenstein on Aesthetic Understanding (Garry L. Hagberg) – MATTEO RAVASIO
  • Adorno and Existence (Peter E. Gordon) – STUART WALTON & MAXIMILIAN HUSCHKE
  • The Opacity of Narrative (Peter Lamarque) – DEVIKA BRENDON & TIAGO CLARIANO
  • The Aesthetics of Meaning and Thought: The Bodily Roots of Philosophy, Science, Morality and Art (Mark Johnson) – TON KRUSE
  • Basanti: Writing the New Woman (Trans. Himansu S. Mohapatra and Paul St-Pierre) – MANISHA MISHRA
  • James Hogg And British Romanticism: A Kaleidoscopic Art (Meiko O’Halloran) – BARBARA LEONARDI
  • Why We Dance: A Philosophy of Bodily Becoming (Kimerer L. LaMothe) – PRAGYA GHOSH
  • Considering Ethics in Dance, Theatre and Performance (Fiona Bannon) – PRAGYA GHOSH
  • Shakespeare and Indian Cinemas: Local Habitations (Poonam Trivedi and Paromita Chakravarti) – VIJETA SAINI
  • Aesthetics and Art: Traditional and Contemporary China in a Comparative Perspective (Jianping Gao) – XIONGBO SHI
  • Literature and Literary Theory in Contemporary China (Zhang Jiong) – AARON LEE MOORE
  • An Old Melody in a New Song: Aesthetics and the Art of Psychology (Luca Tateo) – NIKOLINA DELEVA
  • The Goddess in Hindu-Tantric Traditions: Devi as Corpse (Anway Mukhopadhyay) – ANKITA SUNDRIYAL & SHOUVIK NARAYAN HORE
  • Habermas and Postmodernism – MARTIN JAY

Vol. 42, No. 1 (Spring 2019)

Prof. Jonathan Culler 75th Birth Anniversary Felicitation Volume

Vol. 41, Nos. 1-2 (2018)

Prof. John Hospers (1918-2011) Birth Centenary Commemoration Volume