Journal of Comparative Literature and Aesthetics


The Journal of Comparative Literature and Aesthetics (ISSN: 0252-8169) is a half-yearly journal published by the Vishvanatha Kaviraja Institute of Comparative Literature and Aesthetics, India since 1977. The Institute was founded on August 22, 1977 coinciding with the birth centenary of legendary philosopher, aesthetician, and historian of Indian art, Ananda K. Coomaraswamy (1877-1947).

The Journal is committed to interdisciplinary and cross-cultural issues in literary understanding and interpretation, aesthetic theories, conceptual analysis of art, literature, philosophy, religion, mythology, history of ideas, literary theory, history, and criticism.

The Journal has already published legends like Rene Wellek, Harold Osborne, John Hospers, John Fisher, Murray Krieger, Martin Bocco, Remo Ceserani, J.B. Vickery, Menachem Brinker, Milton Snoeyenbos, Mary Wiseman, Ronald Roblin, T.R. Martland, S.C. Sengupta, K.R.S. Iyengar, V.K. Chari, Charles Altieri, Martin Jay, Jonathan Culler, Richard Shusterman, Robert Kraut, T.J. Diffey, T.R. Quigley, R.B. Palmer, Keith Keating, and many renowned scholars.

JCLA is indexed and abstracted in the MLA International Bibliography, Master List of Periodicals (USA), Ulrich’s Directory of Periodicals, ERIH PLUS, ISI, Philosopher’s Index, EBSCO, ProQuest, and Gale (Cengage).

Celebrated scholars of the time like Rene Wellek, Harold Osborne, Mircea Eliade, Monroe Beardsley, John Hospers, John Fisher, Meyer Abrams, John Boulton, and many renowned foreign and Indian scholars were Members of its Editorial Board.

Founding Editor: Ananta C. Sukla
Vishvanatha Kaviraja Institute of Comparative Literature and Aesthetics
HIG A-42, Sector-7, CDA, Cuttack – 753014, Orissa, India 
Ph. 0671-2361010. Email:,

Editorial Offices:
• 108, Uttarakhand, JNU New Campus, New Delhi 110067, India
• 7 World Trade Center, 10th Floor, 250 Greenwich Street, New York, NY, 10007, USA
• 52 Gassiot Street, Tooting Broadway, London SW17 8LA, UK

Editor: Parul Dave Mukherji, School of Arts and Aesthetics, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India

EDITORIAL BOARD: W. J. T. Mitchell (University of Chicago, USA), Peter Lamarque (University of York, UK), Charles Altieri (UC Berkeley, USA), Jonathan Culler (Cornell University, USA), Robert Stecker (Central Michigan University, USA), Noël Carroll (The City University of New York, USA), Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak (Columbia University, USA), Martha C. Nussbaum (The University of Chicago, USA), Stephen Halliwell (University of St Andrews, UK), George E. Rowe (University of Oregon, USA), Stephen Davies (University of Auckland, NZ), John Hyman (Queen’s College, UK), Meir Sternberg (Tel Aviv University, Israel), Roger T. Ames (Peking University, China), Susan L. Feagin (Temple University, USA), Rita Felski (University of Virginia, USA), Garry L. Hagberg (Bard College, USA), Arindam Chakrabarti (Stony Brook University, USA), David Fenner (University of North Florida, USA), John Mackinnon (Saint Mary’s University, Canada)

CURRENT ISSUE: Vol. 43, No. 1 (Spring 2020)
Prof. P. S. Sastri Birth Centenary Commemoration Volume

Peter Lamarque
On Not Being Too Formalistic About Aesthetic Value / 1 
Garry L. Hagberg
Hume, Aesthetic Perception, and Our Disputations of Taste: An Exposition / 13 
Thomas W. Leddy
Johann Herder’s Sculpture, Somaesthetics and Everyday Aesthetics / 28 
Robert R. Clewis
How to Distinguish and Reconcile Sensitive and Conceptual Taste / 44 
Laura T. Di Summa-Knoop
Aesthetics and Ethics: On the Power of Aesthetic Features / 55 
Georgios Tsagdis
Tears of Potentiality, Love of Liquid Rupture / 70
Subhasree Dash & Bibhudatta Dash
Metaphysics of Mokña: A Philosophical Anatomy of the Concept of Liberation in The Bhagavad Gétä / 86
Ikea M. Johnson
Revisiting Recognition: Buddhist Philosophy in Alice Walker’s The Color Purple / 102
Pooja Mittal Biswas
Salman Rushdie as Diasporic Myth-Maker: Myth and Memory in Midnight’s Children / 117
Shouvik Narayan Hore
William Wordsworth, “Yew Trees” and the Menace of the Sublime / 134

Nicole A. Hall
Why we Shouldn’t Give up on Aesthetic Experience / 158
Washington Morales Maciel
On Narrative Opacity and Literary Truth / 170
Yanping Gao
Affect, Asia, and Disability: Roots and Issues of Somaesthetics
Conversations with Richard Shusterman / 147

Himansu Mohapatra
The Adventures of the Man in Gold: Paths Between Art and Life, A Philosophical Tale. 
By Richard Shusterman and Yann Toma. / 193
Barbara Leonardi
Stanley Cavell on Aesthetic Understanding. By Garry L. Hagberg (Ed.). / 198
Ryan Mitchell Wittingslow
Hegel’s Aesthetics: The Art of Idealism. By Lydia L. Moland. / 205
Namrata Chaturvedi
Epistemology and Linguistics: Bhartåhari, Structuralism and Poststructuralism. 
By Prabha Shankar Dwivedi. / 209
Malcolm Keating
Categories, Creation and Cognition in Vaiçeñika Philosophy. By ShashiPrabha Kumar. / 213
Ikea M. Johnson
Women and Buddhist Philosophy: Engaging Zen Master Kim IryOp. By Jin Y. Park. / 216
Shouvik Narayan Hore
The Sublime Reader. By Robert R. Clewis (Ed.). / 219
Pietro Terzi
Adorno and Popular Music: A Constellation of Perspectives. By C. Campbell, 
S. Gandesha and S. Marino (Eds.). / 226
Shouvik Narayan Hore
Philosophy and Poetry: Continental Perspectives. By Ranjan Ghosh (Ed.). / 233
Kenneth Nsah
Plants in Contemporary Poetry: Ecocriticism and the Botanical Imagination. By John Charles Ryan. / 237
Ankita Sundriyal
Unforgetting Chaitanya: Vaishnavism and Cultures of Devotion in Colonial Bengal. By Varuni Bhatia. / 242
Bansidhar Deep
Ambedkar and Other Immortals: An Untouchable Research Programme. By Soumyabrata Choudhury. / 245

P. S. Sastri
The End of Lyric Poetry (1980) / 249

Vol. 42, No. 2 (Autumn 2019)
Prof. Martin Jay 75th Birth Anniversary Felicitation Volume


“Post-structuralism was never a unified movement with a single perspective”: Conversations with Martin Jay
Timbremelancholy: Walter Benjamin and the Fate of Philately
The Disappearance of 1984
Edgar Morin’s “Complex Thought”: A Blueprint for Reconstituting our Ecological Self in the Anthropocene Epoch?
Listening by Echo: Voice, Eidetic Image, and the Retrospective Self
Hope Coming On: Reflecting Nihilism
Everyday Aesthetics and the Indic Goddess Traditions: An Aurobindonian Approach
Aesthetics and Intertexts of Resistance and Liberation in the African Diaspora: Hip-hop and Créolité
Paralleling Aesthetics: Vestiges of Nineteenth-Century England in Blake’s Illustrations of Dante’s Inferno
The Iconic Meaning of Hypostasis: Notes on a Definition of Icon  
Cleopatra VII Philopator’s Final Moments: Depictions in Five Paintings
Buddhist Recognition in Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man
A Brief Transcultural Reading of the Greek Myth of Orpheus and His Quest in the Modern Sonnets of Feng Zhi