Call for Contributions to a Sustaining Fund

The Journal of Comparative Literature and Aesthetics (JCLA) is the official organ of Vishvanatha Kaviraja Institute of Comparative Literature and Aesthetics, India registered under the Societies Registration Act No. XXI of 1860 (No. 13094/2030 of 1977-78). The Journal calls for contributions in order to ensure the quality and smooth publication of the journal. All contributions, institutional or individual, will be gratefully acknowledged in the form of “A Page for a Patron” and other ways, and are deductible from income tax returns under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act since the Journal is a non-profit, academic endeavour. Advertising space in the Journal (limited to material of scholarly interest to our subscribers) is also available.

Request for subscription to the Journal from institutions (colleges, universities, and centres for research and advanced studies) and individuals should be sent to or on the above address. All dispatches are post-free.