Vol. 44, No. 1 (Spring 2021) – Regular Issue [Dedicated to the Loving Memory of Sushil K. Saxena (1921-2013), Former Professor of Philosophy, University of Delhi, on his Birth Centenary]

  • Jose L. Fernandez – Hugo, Hegel, and Architecture: The Work Hangs Interrupted
  • Huang Lele – Female Patronage and The Gender Transformation of Avalokitesvara
  • Catarina Pombo Nabais – The Museum Today: of Other Space for Political Resistance
  • Tingwen Xu – Right to Untranslatability and Hospitality of World Literature


  • Sangeetha Puthiyedath – Narrative Cultures and the Aesthetics of Religion. By Dirk Johannsen, Anja Kirsch & Jens Kreinat


  • Ananta Charan Sukla – The Problem of Understanding and Enjoyment in Aesthetic Experience (Winter 1978)

Vol. 44, No. 2 (Summer 2021) Special Issue – Philosophy of Motion Pictures: New Trajectories [Dedicated to the Loving Memory of Indian art filmmaker Satyajit Ray (1921-1992) on his Birth Centenary]

  • Tirna Chatterjee – Introduction
  • Thomas E. Wartenberg -From Big Shot to Parent: Penny Serenade’s Depiction of Moral Transformation
  • David Fenner – The Evolution of Film
  • Nickolas Pappas – Spike Jonze’s Her: Love and the Science Fiction Film
  • Shawn Loht – Engaging Husserl’s Theory of Meaning for the Philosophy of Film and Motion Pictures
  • Frank Broadman – The Fictional Film
  • Katarzyna Weichert – Phenomenology of Film Experience in relation to Corporeal Involvement in the World
  • Thomas WachtendorfFor nothing is concealed! Motion picture, Wittgenstein, and seeing-as
  • Michael Newell Witte – Inspiration for a Libidinal Cinema: Klossowski, Lyotard, and the Tableau Vivant
  • Paolo Babbiotti and Isabel Hernández-Gil – Color and Meaning in Film: An Argument from Irony
  • Joseph Arel – The Music Video of the Future
  • Ioannis Paraskevopoulos – Guy Debord’s Ex-centric Cinema: The Concept of Time and the Voice-Over Narration in his Films


  • Tirna ChatterjeeFilm, Music, Memory. By Berthold Hoeckner.
  • Tirna Chatterjee – Affirmative Aesthetics and Wilful Women: Gender, Space and Mobility in Contemporary Cinema. By Maud Ceuterick.
  • Tirna ChatterjeeRitwik Ghatak and the Cinema of Praxis: Culture, Aesthetics and Vision. By Diamond Oberoi Vahali
  • Aritra BasuExplorations in Cinema through Classical Indian Theories: New Interpretations of Meaning, Aesthetics, and Art. By Gopalan Mullik

SPECIAL ISSUE: Speculating Identities and Defying Stereotypes: South Asian Women Writers and Idealistic Mobilities

  • Raeesa Usmani and Ritushree Sengupta – Introduction
  • Alya Ansari – Caste, Class, and the Contradictions of Capital in Mahasweta’s Dhowli
  • Peter Krause – Antigone in Pakistan: Home Fire, by Kamila Shamsie
  • Mukul Chaturvedi – Recasting Caste: History, Memory and Identity in Dalit Women’s Testimonios
  • Anindita Shome and Somjeeta Pandey – Dalit Women Autobiographies: Contesting Caste and Class Oppression
  • Sanju Thomas – Converging Concerns, Diverging Destinies: A Reading of Lalithambika Antharjanam and K Saraswathi Amma
  • Nishtha Pandey – Reading K.R. Meera’s Hangwoman as a Critique of Biopolitical Control
  • Kalyani Hazri – De-stabilising Gender and Nation: Thematic Analysis of Shubhangi Swaroop’s Latitudes of Longing
  • Monica Chaudhary – Exploring the Political Function of Gender in Contemporary Nationalism
  • Srija Sanyal – An Indomitable Urge to Penetrate the World of Words: Reading Amar Jiban in South Asian Context
  • Aindrila Choudhury – Performative Insurgencies at the Margins: Constructions of Alternative Histories through Folk Wisdom among Dalit Women
  • Richa Chilana – Language, Politics and Practice of Purdah in Twentieth Century Indian Women Writers
  • Pallab Das – Making and Breaking of Bengali Hindu Women: Placing Partition (1947) Memoirs by Bengali Hindu Women against “Broto Katha”
  • Raeesa Usmani – Traveller and Travelogue: Female Gaze and Hajj Pilgrimage
  • Ritushree Sengupta – Transcreating the Metaphors of the Wife, Whore and the Lover: Translating the Tale of Female Body in Select Works of Taslima Nasrin

Vol. 44, No. 3 (Autumn 2021) – Special Issue on Indian Writing in English

Vol. 44, No. 4 (Winter 2021) – Special Issue on Untranslatability: Theory, Practice, and Politics


  • Immaterial and Material Discourse
  • Everyday Aesthetics
  • Indian Aesthetics and Contemporary Theory
  • Reception of Sanskrit Studies in the 19th Century European Ideology
  • Aesthetics of Religion
  • Shakespeare and Indian Aesthetics
  • Textual Strategy: Understanding and Interpretation
  • Painting and Poetry: New Accents

JCLA publishes special volumes on themes of current critical interest. Some of the special issues published in the past include “Deconstruction in Contemporary Criticism” (1985), “Representation in Contemporary Criticism” (1986), “Frankfurt School of Aesthetics” (1988), “Prague School Structuralism” (1991), “Indian Aesthetics and Contemporary Theory” (1992), “Italian Aesthetics since Croce” (1993), “Aesthetics Today” (1994), “Environmental Aesthetics” (1995), etc.