Submission Guidelines

Submissions must be properly typed out in MS Word (Times New Roman, 12 Font), not exceeding 6,000 words and not below 4,000, complete with an abstract of 100 words alongside 4 or 5 keywords, incorporated within the essay itself.  All essays shall be peer-reviewed (refereed) and those abounding in solecisms, catachresis or insufficiently argued shall be returned unread. ‘Works Cited’ must preferably follow the MLA 8th convention without exception. Footnotes are welcome, although Endnotes are easier to process, hence recommended.

Each essay submitted must carry a declaration that it has not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere. The least suspicion of plagiarism will result in an outright rejection of the article.

The cover letter should include a brief author’s bio with no revelation of the author’s identity in the paper itself. An acknowledgment shall be sent upon receipt. Further communication shall be made only after the editor considers the paper worthy of publication.

Revisions must be returned in two weeks without further delay. The author is implored to wait at least two months before withdrawing his article, in case no communication has been made. Simultaneous submissions are not allowed.

Essays aiming to promote or preach political perspectives are strongly discouraged, as it goes against the publication ethics of the Journal of Comparative Literature and Aesthetics that the Founding Editor, Prof. Ananta Charan Sukla had maintained since the inception of the journal in 1977.

There are NO article processing charges for publishing with the journal.